Salvation Army Recognizes Feed My Sheep Volunteers

Salvation Army Recognizes Feed My Sheep Volunteers

At this year’s “Compassion in Action” Gala, the work of St. John’s Mt. Washington’s Feed My Sheep ministry (among others) was recognized and celebrated for contributing to the Salvation Army’s mobile feeding program.

Pictured (seated third from right) are parishioner Georgia Hilliard, who spearheads Feed My Sheep at St. John’s, along with her husband Michael and daughter Colleen. Also pictured (seated far left) is Luther James, who drives the van that delivers the meals for the homeless and hungry in Baltimore. Georgia and Colleen work on the van every Tuesday, and they are always looking for volunteers to help!

Thanks to Georgia and all the wonderful people in our community who make Feed My Sheep happen every month! Remember, this month’s sandwich-making event will be Monday, May 7th.


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